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30 and still kicking

Woahhhh sashiburi! (long time no see) (FLUENT!!)

A month and a half since I last updated this thing, you could say a lot has happened since then, just a bit.

Well the big news is Gaby, Jasmine and I moved into our own apartment in Shin Nakano just over two weeks ago. It's a great place in a really funky area. Gabs and Jaz share the main bedroom, and I have a futon in the living room which doubles up as my bedroom. There's an awesome kitchen and nice bathroom as well. It's pretty much perfect for the three of us. We've pretty much done the decorating, me and Jaz have a booze chair/sofa each so all is right with the world. We named the place the 'Thunderdome' and the toilet the 'Chunderbowl'. Surprisingly it took us a week to christen it., that was due to the epic house warming party we had last Friday. It was nice to have Kee-tan and Ryohei round, those two are such a laugh. Ryohei was dead within a few hours.... The nest morning there wasn't one room that didn't have chunder in it, it was even up the doors. Sign of a successful party!!

Had my Birthday week at the end of last month, that was possibly the most brutal Birthday of my life. The Saturday at Starfire was just epic chunder days, with far to much champagne and tequila involved. The Starfire crew got me a cake which ended up all over my face. The end of the night saw me nearly going to hospital and trying to fight the manager of a restaurant. GLORIOUS!!

Tristan came over for three weeks for my Birthday which was awesome, we had a cracking time and many adventures including one where we nearly got our arms chopped off and souls taken from a deadly Nigerian when we went on a quest to get some green in Tokyo. The quest was a success but my god it was dodgy. 

I just got back from a 21 hour working day. We had a sleepover with the oldest kids at school, it was so much fun. We did all sorts of things like, making curry, watching cartoons outside, we had fireworks, and loads of games. It was fun sleeping with the kids, the whole downstairs was covered in futons so it was just a big lol on the floor. I kept waking up in the night with someone's foot in my mouth or someone using me as a pillow. In the morning we all made onigiri and had a feast before it was time to go home. I do have one small complaint about my school though, and that's the teachers there.

It's all female teachers and they really don't say a word to me, I'm lucky to get a good morning. I would love it if we all talked to each other more, and if they included me more. I kind of just have to hear second hand if something is happening at the school, like someone asked if I was coming to the sleepover a few days ago and I know nothing about it, and then all the teachers have a big plan of what's happening which leaves me just kinda going with the flow, which I don't mind to much really. But things little things like what happened last night annoy me. The kids were pretty much getting to sleep and all the teachers didn't seem to be doing much just chatting in the staff room (which I hardly ever go into). So I asked where I should sleep or if I could just sleep anywhere and someone said yes sleep where you want. So I said I'll sleep with the kids. When I was saying bye to the parents and kids the director of the school asked me if I enjoyed the pizza and drinks lastnight, and was was like 'no I didn't have anything'. All the teachers had a little party after the kids went to sleep. Thanks for saying anything to me.... 

I do really have to make it up as I go along at school. Even the class I'm with everyday I picked myself. I'm pretty sure I'm meant to be with the youngest kids.... I leave when I want, do what I want there, it's marshal law! I guess they just want the kids to like me and have me as a native English person because it's such a selling point. But I'd love to be involved in the English lessons we have on Fridays and after school. They go so far as having a private teaching company come in, and the quality of English teachers is so so bad, I could do such a better job and I'm already one of the staff and the kids all know and trust me. I'm going to bring it up with the director. Also I'd like the teachers at school to help me with my Japanese, it's a bit of a one way street where I'm willing to help anyone improve their English but I won't get one bit of help with my Japanese. It would help if people spoke to me in Japanese not trying to say the odd thing in broken English. BUT Matsuhashi-san the caretaker, the director, her husband, and their son who speaks fluent English (I'd be lost without him sometimes). They all really like me and speak to me all the time, and they're the ones who count at the end of the day.

But yeah apart from that one gripe everything is sweet as a nut. No money worries, fantastic friends, booze is a flowing, para is a flowing and yes, perfect days. Oh well I'm now 30 and still never had a relationship or even come close to one, gotta be something wrong there. But yes, happy days.

Japanese people....

I have a lovely day off work today due to it being the kindergardens birthday, I'm using the day to recharge the batteries and chill out.

I had a most brutal weekend, three huge para club nights back to back. All were good times as ever, but lets be picking up the pace when Jasmine gets back here in a few weeks. What I mean is I've slowed down the craziness since she left. Like I spend a lot more time actually dancing at the clubs and not being too social. Of course I'm always really social when I'm out, but I've not been the usual yeahhhhh boiii lets do it for the past month or more. SO I made sure I was more of the normal don't give a crap me at last Wednesdays B-1 Dynamite night. People always give me more time when I'm just me and not worried about being.... me.

Ahhhh Japanese people, how weird you are. Well obviously they're weird but I mean the way they are socially in the way the think. Ermmm let me try and explain. I just can't stand for a start the way people never say what they really mean, it's so hard to know where you actually stand with people both at work and just hanging out socially. I simply think if we're hanging out and having a good time together we're friends. Right?  One day people might seem like your bestest mate and then the next time you see them they might not even say hello back to you.  It annoys the crap out of me. Don't pretend to be my friend out of charity, I really don't need it. Like last Friday before 9loveJ para night we, Heather and I, were invited for drinks before the night started. I say we were invited but really it was just heather, seeing as it was people who would never usually even look at me in the clubs. Quite obviously the guy just wanted to get into Heathers pants. Fair enough but I'm not going to pretend to like you people even if you pretend to like me. Fuck off to be honest.

I'm sure it'll take a long time or maybe never until I understand Japanese people. Really the people are the only thing that annoy me about the country.... Saying that there are a handfull of people here who I consider friends and would do anything for. People who are just really chilled, cool and not weird. But it's still hard to get over the final hurdle of going from hanging out at a club or afterwards to actually hanging out just as friends. You know? Wakataru???

Got a pretty boring looking weekend ahead. Probably going out with Gabs tonight in Nakano, working tomorrow afternoon and then Magical Rave on Sunday. So maybe not so boring.... I kinda realised I don't have many people.... like one person who I can actually call to hang out with in Tokyo. Many phone numbers but really none of these people are willing to actually see me. Ah well living with Gabs is awesome anyway, and Tristan arrives next week for awhile and of course the legend that is Jasmine arrives on the 22nd. YES!!! Then it'll be go time. 

I need a blue blue sky

And so it's the beginning of another weekend in Tokyo, and it's shaping up to be one hell of a good one as ever!

Sorry I don't update that much anymore, it's a tad difficult when I only have limited time on Gaby's laptop. SO!! What's been happening to Makkusu-sensei in the wonderland that is Tokyo?? Well, the big news is Carly has gone back to England. She really wasn't feeling it out here and was just missing home way to much, so she shipped back to Coventry on Thursday morning. I'll miss that spackhead, god knows I will, it sure was short but sweet. BUT on the upside I'm now sharing the twin room in the guesthouse with Gaby. It's nice to have that extra bit of privacy, I've been sharing with three other guys since mid January in what is smaller than most peoples single rooms. It's cool as well that I get home from work a few hours earlier than Gabs so I get to chill out on my own for awhile.

It's goes without saying (but I'll say it anyway) that life here is still one big whirlwind of a dream and I count myself lucky every single day. Work is going so so well. I feel so comfortable at the school, and I get on with kids more and more each passing day. The youngest kids have all got thier own personalities now and are tons of fun to be around. Current favorite kids are Momo-chan, a spackhead troublemaker of a girl that is just a whirlwind of fun. Both Sora-chans, Wak-chan, Yuya-kun and... well, theres not many I don't love to play with tbh. Hmmmm maybe one girl... Miori (bad spelling). She's a total retard, just doesn't understnd anything that's going on around her and is scared of everything, but at the same time she's a spoilt little brat. She holds on to my shirt all the time she can find me and refuses to do anything and just cries if I try and go anywhere. I've been on a mission to pair her up with Sora so they'd become friends and she'd be normal. It's sort of working, but I have had to resort to putting her in a tree twice.... WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!!!!??

It's so hot and humid at work though, I spend a lot of the time lying on the grass with kids sitting on. The school roff is awesome though with it's grass and swimming poll. I've been working on my tan up there after school a lot.

So many things have been going on it's hard to think back on them. Well, Keds visited the great city a few weeks ago, we had some mighty adventures there. Very good times! Ah hell I really can't write about everything or do anything justice on here so I'll hit you with this list of memorable things from the past month or so...

Arthouse wtf club
Karaoke x10000000000
50yen bar.... it exists!!
Leicester penalty heartache
ParaPara x100000000000000000000
Silly Candian guy in the guesthouse...
Comedy vintage clothes are my life!!
I love you kids!!!!!
Bought a DS it's teaching me the Japs like a mofo
Losing weight everyday
Beers are just to cheap here!
B-1 Dyanamite off for three weeks??? BASTARD!!!!!!!
Week and a half para clubbing break to recharge the love. The love is recharged.
Booze hotline
Booze train
Booze ambulance
Gay district lols
Maid Cafe dreamland
Anime con in Tokyo HAHAHA!!
Food food fooooooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fuck me it's just a blur of memories. I wouldn't have it any other way. Tonight is the start of mega para weekend, me and Heather are hitting 9loveJ as is the way. Always a harsh beast of a night. Tomorrow we'll move onto Starfire along with Gaby, and then we're going to different events on Sunday. Megahit for me for all the new music goodness, and Extasy for Heather for all the Julianos techno bullshit. I'd take the new techno anyyyyyy day of the week. I'm digging Magical techno bigtime right now.

My language skills are coming along a treat. Really feel like I'm cracking it now. i don't have to much trouble understanding people anymore and can say what I need to most of the time. I'm just really working on putting together sentances now and getting away from one or two word speak. I'm learning tons of new words everyday though through my work. I'm also on the verge of cracking Hiragana, although thats pretty easy so nothing to brag about.... but it's nice to be able to read some things now. Saying all this I'm still what people would consider preschool level, but it's nice to be able to get along and know it's just a matter of time until you've cracked it, or at least high school level...

You know, the whole vibe of Tokyo just suits me perfectly, I can't explain it anymore than that. Yeah maybe once a month the people might make me want to bomb the place, but I soon get over that, it's just a culture thing.

Anway, blog fail but... laters xxx


It's been awhile since I last posted, sorry about that avid readers, but tbh I've just been way to busy having fun.

Many things have happened since my last post, the biggest thing to happen is the Bobs arrival in Tokyo. That is Gaby and Carly!!! YESSSSS!!! They arrived last Saturday and I met them at Narita airport with a big sign saying 'welcome the bobbers' that was made by the kids from my school. We've been having a great time so far, mainly eating and drinking. The Bobs are still adjusting to Japanese time and the massive culture shock of course. We've pretty much taken over the guesthouse, and we're decorating this bad boi making it much more homely, even if some people here don't like us doing it. Booooo to them. Gaby is cooking mama, she's awesome with the Jap food and cranks out an amazing meal most nights. Carly is cleaning mama and I'm gardening mama. I'm gonna do up the little garden. We're off to Roppongi for SEF para night tonight, the Bobs first para night lol, hope they enjoy themselves, I'm sure they will though.

Hanami two weeks ago was epic. Me and Ylva went to Ueno Park with a bunch of para pissheads for Bonkura Hanami. We got far to drunk thanks to Mami bringing two bottles of 48% sake that just me and Ylva drank. I ended up going to the toilet and getting very lost, I was in my socks and I could not find the group. So what do I do?? Go to the para night of course.... in my socks. I was a mess. But an hour later everyone showed up with my shoes lol. Lucie from England joined me as well which was great, she really enjoyed herself.

What else has been going down? Well lots of para and work of course. I lost another pair of glasses.... somehow. The new kids started at my school, they're awesome and it's been great seeing the older kids after a month holiday, they've grown so much in a month. Work is awesome as ever anddddd I've been offered a part time job. You wouldn't believe what I'm doing. Once a month (for now) I'll be going to the junior high school on Saturdays to read english books for a couple of hours andddd.... teach para to the cheerleader squad.


And I get like 100 quid for 3 hours work. SWEET!!! I know I know, I'm the luckiest person in the world. Other schools around Tokyo might hire me as well. Happy days!!!

Oh yeah, I got the final student loan no problems haha. East London Uni.... you retards!!! They still think I'm there, I'll probably get a degree through the post one of these days.

So yeah, I couldn't be happier at the minute. My only dillema is what do I do with Leicester getting into the playoffs??? Do I ask a bar here to show it or do I go home or one epic weekend?? That is of course if we get to the final which we will and it will be against forest.

My Japanese is getting so much better by the way. I can understand a lot now and convey myself well enough to have basic conversations with people. I've been teaching kids at school rubbish English using rhyming. FOR EXAMPLE....


So loads of kids are running saying all these and the other teaches are like.... WHAT????!!! It makes me laugh so much.

One more thing, I'm a 34" waist in Jap jeans now. I was a 36" in English jeans when I came here. GLORY!!!!!!!!

Best week ever part one!

Well what can I say, one of the best weeks of my life bar none!

It was the big three monthly para nights all in one week, plus Disco 90s and B-1 Dynamite.

All that was the para....

Monday was a national holiday andddd SEF!! One of my favorite para nights. I bumped into Hide and Kazupyon at Roppongi crossing and after buying a few drinks we headed to the club together. All the pissheads were there. Miki, my Japanese drinking sensei, was stealing any drink she could get her hands on from random tables, and the shots were flowing like a river. Me, Kazupyon and Hide danced on the SEF stage together and during the `yeah yeah yeah` bit of dance and party, I was the meat in the oh so hot sandwich lol. We had a session of posing together for photos on the otachidai. Love those guys <3 Just a cracking night with great people.

Tuesday was Jasmines last Disco 90s, a cracker as ever.

Wednesday was brutal, and a working day. We hit B-1 with half a bottle of 50% vodka and many mixed drinks. We danced a bit and then hung out with Kee-tan, Ryuichi and the B-1 gang. It was Ryu-tans birthday the day before so he was always going to get it hard. I love B-1 ohhhhhh so much.

I also achieved a bit of an ambition on Wednesday, oh ok, a big ambition. I taught the techno routine with Ryuichi and Buta <3 What happened was they had the euro lesson and they got Jasmine on stage to dance it with Kazupyon and Hide. She was destroyed after a million tequila shots but what can you expect being her last B-1 for two months. Then I knew they`d get me up to do the techno, so even though I was a BIT typsy... I tryed to learn it on the first run through before I`d dance it with them. Well anyway I looked pretty good.... I think. Jasmine video`d it so it`ll be on facebook soon. But it was pretty damn awesome dancing with those two legends on the stage. I`d so love to be involved in the lessons properly in the future, and I`m sure I will be. But for now, just, yessssssssssss!!!

After we stumbled out of B-1 at 11:30pm we met Ylva and headed for all night karaoke. On a work night.... that was super happy fun times. And I was fine the next day... later that day for work, even if it was all you can drink for 5 hours.

The weekend was amazing and needs it`s own entry so I`ll leave that for now.

I also went to see Tokyo FC the weekend before, that was..... interesting. I stood in the singing end and it`s a great atmosphere. BUT.... it`s just a bit... nice. Like the songs are more... songs, not chants like in Europe. And the standard of football.... bad times. Brentford would beat them, no dissrespect to the bees. Japan are soooo gonna struggle at the world cup trust me.

Work is chilled out at the minute being the spring holidays and all. I only work 4/5 hours a day in the nursary and there`s only about 20 kids if that. It`s still an awesome time though. I made the mistake of playing with the older boys today. Owwwwww my aching body!! They were so rough. I shall stick with the girls outside me thinks!

Counting down the days till Gaby and Carly get here. Not long now!!

Namidaaaaaa no Requesssssssttttt

Yo yo yo! How`s life people? Well tons of awesome things have been happening as per usual over here.

Monday was awesome but ohhhhh so sad. It was graduation at my school. The oldest kids who are 6 had a big ceremony and there was a big party afterwards. The first half of the day was in the main hall where all the kids recieved their diplomas and encho sensei (the head teacher boss) gave a big speech. Everyone was in tears, including me. We had loads of pictures taken and I had my picture taken by the parents with my favorite kids. I just wanted to hug them forever! But then...


All the Mums had to put on a show in groups together. It was quite a sight! It ranged from cheerleading, to Mums dressed as Smap singing a song, and even parapara... which of course the teachers insisted I go up on stage and join in.... oh dear. It was all a lot of fun and not what happens at other schools they told me. After it was all done I went out for yakitori and many drinks with a few of the teachers who I really get on with. That was messy days.

The next day it was just the younger kids for their last day before the school year finishes, we break up for 2 weeks before everyone returns. My favorite girl who graduated came back with her Mum to give me a present, it was so so sweet. She`d decorated the picture her Mum took the day before. It says "I love Makkusu-sensi" <3 And she wrote a letter in English. It says:

I like you very much!!
I enjoy playing with you and talking to you.
I`m sure that everyone likes you too.
There are three things that I love. One of the is fried rice.
And Ultra Man.
And of course you!!

Couldn`t you just melt with cuteness!

So now until April 5th I`m working in the nursary which means playing about really. Some of the kids who left are there so that`s nice. Good times!!

Friday night a bunch of us hit the yakisoba and then onto the all night karaoke where both were all you can drink. Of course that was messy, although I came out of it feeling fine, I must be becoming immune to the booze here. Amanda was chundering in a bin and Jasmine was chundering blood the next day. Ohhhh the lols of it. So Saturday it seemed like everyone was dead so I headed to the outskirts of Tokyo to Machida for a random para night. I thought I wouldn`t know anyone there, but as soon as I walked in Kazu-pyon gave me a big hug and Hiro shoved a drink in my face and told me to down it. I knew everyone there lol, and it was a cracking night, just one big piss up in a bar with a bit of para in the background. It`s a really small bar with not much of a dancefloor so everyone just drinks and lols about on the sofas.

I don`t know if people realise this but I go to most of the para nights on my own. Jasmine and Heather join me for the big ones, but I always go to around 4 para nights a week. I just love it that much.

Tuesday was Disco 90s as always, good times. And Wednesday was my favorite para night B-1 Dynamite, always makes me so happy to be in Tokyo. They`ve really been testing everyone the past two weeks by playing the most obscure euro ever, almost verging on maniac. At one point this week Bancho played something that not one person knew, he quickly changed it to Fireball lol. This weeks B-1 was one of those weeks where everyone was cracking on, so who was I to argue. Ryohei turned up just after the lessons and so drunk he could hardly stand up. Work drinks I think. He went straight to the microphone and shouted `FUCK YEAH!!!` Hahaha. Then when we were by the bar he was shouting at these two random girls `THIS IS MAX, HE`S MY ENGLISH FRIEND, HE`S FUCKING BEAUTIFUL MAN` hahahahaha. They were like what the fuck????!!! I guess he`s learnt the word `fuck`... Bancho refused to give him the microphone as the night went on.

Matsu-san (the geek otaku who`s there everyweek) was riped the piss out of again. Kee-tan has made him part of Ascleplus (Ryuichi`s techno team) lol. Bancho said he`ll be on the next Starfire dvd... maybe not. Starfire next week is officially a `Bancho Birthday Special` lol. We`ve ordered 3 bottles of champagne in advance, should be a cracker! My Japanese is so on the improve. I find I can talk to everyone now, without using any English. You can tell it`s improving when I was chatting with Kazu-pyon and Kanako who don`t speak one word of English. And I find myself understanding what people are saying a lot now. I`m still only the level of a two year old.... but it`s rapidly improving and I think learning conversational and useful Japanese is so much better than doing it in a structured way. Oh and I promised Kee-tan I`d bring the spritus to 9loveJ.... Spritus Balllllll.

OH and Shock Out is now.... Cock out cock outttttt!! Yes it was Kazupyon who started that one lol.

Tomorrow shall be drinks with the Jasmine and others, and Saturday I`m going to see Tokyo FC. Really looking forward to that!

Jaaaaa neeeee <3


Ohhh my days I.m fucked. Graduation was today and was the sadest day of my life. I cried buckets!!  But at the same time it was one big party and we all went out to celebrate after. Hench why I.m fucked up.

Ohhhhh it was so sad saying sayonara to someof the kids. I cry just thinking about it. BUT.... what can you do, it.ll be all good. BUT woe is me it.s way to sad....Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I love them so much!!!!!!!


AGGGGGGHHHHHHH I just made a big entry about a typical day at work and why I love it and.... it`s gone.



Hey hey!! Sorry I haven`t updated this for awhile, my laptop screen died so internet access has been few and fare between. I`m kinda stealing a roommates laptop while he`s at work.... opps.

Well well, it`s been a whirlwind of happenings since I last posted. I could write a novel about it. But seeing as my roommate could be back anytime I`ll try and be brief.

Two weeks ago myself, Jasmine and Ylva returned to the infamous Bulls Cafe in Nakano, and boy does that place never let you down! After a few drinks lots of the regulars came in and were like `Makkusuuuuuuu`..... `Jasmineeeeeee`. Before long the tequila was flowing, I had a super hot guy on my lap, Jasmine was all over the place, and Ylva was getting up to no good in the toilets. I think I passed out but somehow made it home. What a cracking night! Won`t be long before we head there again!! Oh wait, I think we did.... hazy memories... never mind...

My weekdays have fallen into a nice routine. Work everyday 8am-3pm, and clubbing on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and obviously Fridays, with the odd meal out and easy evening to myself inbetween. It`s perfect. Work is just fantastic. I do nothing but play with the most fun kids in the world. I have a big group of favorites but I get on with them all. It`s really sad that graduation is in a matter of weeks, so half the school will be leaving. That includes 4 of my favorite girls who I adore. But there`ll be new kids arriving who I`m sure will be awesome. I`m thinking of asking to extend my hours to full time just because I enjoy it so much. A job I actually want to be at??!! Who would have thought!! My current nicknames by various groups of kids include Assman, Cow-san, Tottoro and Penis Pants lol. Gotta love it!

Last weekend was, well, let`s not beat around the bush, it was one of the best weekends of my life! 9loveJ on the Friday and Starfire 10th Anniversary on the Saturday.

9J was epic. Of course dancing was done, but then me and my Japanese drinking buddy Mitsu started on the whisky shots and it all went to hell. Jasmine and Heather were the biggest mess ever, I was alright weirdly and got to laugh at them for once. In the middle of the night Mitssu came over to me and was like `you wanna do karaoke`, and I was like yeah why not. So a bunch of us, including Saki and DJ Fujimoto went to another room to do that lol. That got reallllly messy. Jasmine and Heather went awol for about two hours lol. Jasmine totally cock blocked me in her one moment of being able to speak. `You know he loves Kazupyon....`..... WOMAN!!!! Haha

Speaking of Kazupyon... I`m on it. My ideal man ever and I think he actually likes me. Ohhh happy days.

Anyway, Starfire 10th Anniversary was just the greatest event ever ever ever!!!!! Obviously they went all out with. People from all over the country came to it, it was so great to see sooooo many people on the dancefloor, I felt so happy for Bancho, he puts so much time and effort into keeping the para scene alive here, that one night must have payed for his whole year. Good for him! Obviously it was a drunken mess of a night, everyone was on it as is always the case here. We ordered three bottles of champagne and they were gone in about 10 minutes lol. Mina sang live and was rubbish, but the euro and techno performances were just... WOW!!! The techno one especially was jaw dropping. Videos to come!! It was just one of those most amazing nights that I`ll never forget!


Wednesday just gone was another cracker jacker of a night. And on a work day as well. It was B-1 Dynamite para night as ever but it seemed everyone was in the mood to party. So after the night ended we headed with the Starfire gang to eat and then Fujimoto (retard dj but I love him) he was like `karaoke mother fuckers!!!`. So we headed for drunken karaoke times at like 1am, even though I had work at 8am... It was Banchos Birthday as well so it turned into quiet a night! I`m pretty sure I passed out at some point. Ah man I so love everyone in the para scene, everyone is such a drunken retard geek, you really have to be to be into to para lol. I feel so part of the scene here and so lucky because of it.

Tokyo in general just feels like the place I should be, I don`t ever feel home sick, I do miss my friends of course, but this to me feels like home.

Oh and i did get to work an hour late on Wednesday feeling very VERY bad and still drunk, but they don`t mind it happening every now and again.

So Saturday is upon us again and a new event called Trickstar is tonight, everyone is going it seems so it should be one hell of a night! Tomorrow is Magical Rave which is always a lot of fun, and it`s a dvd night so hurrah for that.

Hope everyone is good back in England!! Come on Leicester, the playoffs are close!!! And will I come back to England for the weekend if Leicester get to the playoff final?? More than likely!!

Come to SEF Deluuuuuxe

 This weekend has been amazing, such good times and I haven't even been to the big para event SEF Deluxe, which is tonight!

Friday evening I went out with everyone from my work, it was a leaving do for David the German guy and a welcome do for me. We went to a really nice local Izakaya in Nogata. Izakaya's are Japanese pubs/restaurants where everyone orders tons of food and the drink keeps coming.  Basically it's impossible to go to an izakaya and leave in one piece. HOWEVER... this was a work party so I didn't think it would be crazy. But.... it was. Everyone is a total pisshead and such a laugh. The school director woman who is always serious business at school was dancing on the tables and being a total legend. They welcomed me to the school and gave me flowers which was so very nice, and then told me they interviewed over 30 people for my job and knew I was the right person straight away. I felt truly honoured. They told me I'm part of the family now and anything I need they'll help me with.

So to say I'm lucky to have this job is an understatement. On Monday I get to decide weather a German guy gets the job at the new kindergarden they're opening across town. He's doing a trial day with me, if he's not right for the kids I won't hesitate to turn him down.

After many many drinks we all headed for karaoke where the drinks flowed. They put on night of fire and made me dance infront of everyone lol. Everytime I had a drink I'd turn round and my glass was full again. Matsuhashi-san, the caretaker, is the biggest legend ever. He sang the Beatles together and he was like 'you must come drinking round my house!!'. He's in his 40's and a rockabilly legend. 

So it's about midnight by now time for bed? No no, about 5 of us cracked on to Shinjuku for more Izakaya action and onto a bar after that. I didn't get home until gone 6am.

Also there's a teacher at my school who's been asking about me, and weirdly thinks I'm cute. That never ever happens to me. There's my visa right there XD 

I'll write about the fun that was Saturday and Bulls Cafe later. Right now I better shower and head to SEF Deluxe.